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Ink Symphony
Where Every Line Tells a Story

The Artist

Estefannia is a talented Toronto-based tattoo artist renowned for her expertise in black and grey realism and lineart styles. With five years of professional experience, Fanni not only pursues tattooing but also embraces the broader world of art, including drawing and painting. Her passion for art is driven by a relentless desire to evolve, connect, and express her creativity.

Every tattoo Fany creates is a custom, conceptual piece born from the brief ideas her clients bring to her. She thrives on working with a variety of themes, including nature, animals, portraits, and magic, as well as cosmic, movie, and horror motifs. Fany is known for her unique ability to infuse a dark touch into each design, masterfully playing with contrasts between realism and surrealism, and dark and light concepts.

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